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Somerset Wins 2019 Athena Leadership Award

Margaret E. Somerset, a partner at Underberg & Kessler LLP, won the 2019 ATHENA Leadership Award for her efforts in making a difference in the Canandaigua, NY area. Those nominated for the ATHENA Leadership Award were selected because they “have achieved the highest level of professional excellence, contribute time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community, and actively assist others, particularly women, in realizing their full leadership potential,” as directed by the ATHENA Leadership Awards program.

The ATHENA Leadership Award was established in the early 1980’s in Lansing, Michigan and began in Canandaigua in 1984. Each year, eight women are nominated who demonstrate the aforementioned criteria through their achievements. When Margaret ponders the most meaningful leadership roles she has served in during her community service efforts she recalls:

•Being a leader during the early days of Lawyers for Learning, which supplies thousands of elementary school students with mentors and school supplies.

•Leading Crestwood Children’s Foundation’s search for a new director for the children’s center and a merger with Hillside to ensure critical services continued to be available for behaviorally and emotionally challenged children.

•Leading numerous dog rescue relationships, one of which resulted in 34 Bassett Hounds being rescued from puppy mills.

•Serving on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of UR/Thompson and chairing their Ethics Committee.

Upon receiving the award, Margaret stated:

“Our firm is a very special place to work. Without the teamwork of us all, none of us could extend ourselves further into the community. This award is actually a testament to the support that all of us provide to each other.”

To learn more about the ATHENA Leadership Award, click here.

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