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Labor and employment law is a constantly changing and ever-expanding field of practice. It is also one of the most costly, time-consuming and commonly litigated areas in law today. That is why having our labor and employment attorneys on your side—whether to help prevent claims or to vigorously defend your interests in litigation—is your key to success.

The essence of labor and employment law is people. It is not only about protecting your business, it is about resolving conflicts with employees. Our labor and employment law attorneys will help you mediate grievances before they become lawsuits. We will help you draft policies that forestall future problems and protect your employees. If necessary, we will aggressively litigate cases on your behalf. But more important, we can help you stay out of the courtroom, avoid costly lawsuits, and create a more congenial and stable workplace for employee and employer alike.

​We represent businesses of all sizes with issues that employers must confront every day. We also represent public employers regarding those same issues, as well as those that are unique to public employers under New York State law.

Our services include:

  • Labor law compliance

  • Protected category discrimination, including harassment

  • Defamation allegations

  • Employment and wage and hour class action defense

  • Employee benefits, including pension plan design and interpretation

  • Trade secrets and confidential information

  • Non-competition/non-solicitation agreements

  • Drug and alcohol policies

  • Employee fraud, embezzlement and misappropriation

  • Prevailing wage matters

  • Tortious interference

  • Reductions-in-force

  • HIPAA privacy issues

  • FMLA issues

  • Overtime and other wage and hour claims

Labor & Employment Trainings

  • Sexual Harassment (including discrimination & harassment on any protected category)

  • On-Demand Sexual Harassment Prevention Video 


  • Hiring & Firing

  • Overtime/FLSA

  • Covid-19 Paid Sick Leave

  • NYS Paid Sick Leave

For more information about labor & employment law, contact Paul Keneally, chair of the practice group.

For more information about labor & employment law, contact Paul Keneally, chair of the practice group.


  • Represent multi-state employers on all of their employment issues, including disability, discrimination and benefits issues.

  • Help businesses investigate and respond to sensitive sexual and other harassment claims.

  • Litigate age, sex, race, sexual orientation, religion, discrimination and ADA/disability cases in federal and state court and the EEOC and SDHR.

  • Defend wage and hour class actions.

  • Establish effective programs for implementing COBRA and the FMLA, and litigate cases regarding those issues.

  • Negotiate and litigate covenant not to compete, trade secret and other confidential information cases.

  • Provide guidance on how to minimize losses from employee theft.

  • Advise employers on hiring practices, performance reviews, disciplinary action and terminations.

  • Handle issues regarding whistleblowers.

  • Represent employers on wage and hour issues before state and federal Departments of Labor.

  • Counsel clients on how to avoid the legal hurdles involved in downsizing.

  • Negotiate settlement and release packages for employees and departing executives in various industries.

  • Track pending legislation such as EFCA and paid FLMA for clients.

  • Counsel employers with regard to labor practices, and assist employers to recognize unlawful practices prior to the commencement of proceedings challenging the labor practices.

  • Handle grievance and arbitration proceedings pursuant to collective bargaining agreements.

  • Advocate on behalf of employers relative to unfair labor practice charges, as well as other proceedings, before the National Labor Relations Board.

  • Litigate improper practice charges, as well as other proceedings, before the New York State Public Employment Relations Board.

  • Counsel and train management personnel and supervisors regarding the handling of unions, union issues and grievances.

  • Counsel large clients regarding union-organizing campaigns.


Ryan T. Biesenbach

Ryan T. Biesenbach

Rochester, NY

Jennifer A. Shoemaker

Jennifer A. Shoemaker

Rochester, NY

Paul F. Keneally

Paul F. Keneally

Rochester, NY

Thomas F. Knab

Thomas F. Knab

Buffalo, NY

Colin D. Ramsey

Colin D. Ramsey

Buffalo, NY

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