Contract Review


Often, in choosing a law firm, you have to make choices you shouldn't have to make. 

Between compassion and strength. Between experience and enthusiasm. Between a personal relationship and a winning result.

At Underberg & Kessler, the things that are sometimes in conflict at other firms are in harmony here. They combine to make us a different kind of law firm. 

And that means that we listen. And we can only do that if we answer our phones, return your emails, and form a relationship that sees the attorney-client privilege as a true privilege.


It means we understand what is really in your best interests. If we don’t understand your business or your personal situation, we can’t achieve the outcomes you deserve.


It means we advise. And sometimes that means saying no…and then suggesting the strategy that will give you the best chance at success.


And it means we fight for you—using our collective experience, every tool at our disposal, and every ounce of our energy.


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