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At Underberg & Kessler, the things that are sometimes in conflict at other firms are in harmony here. We are a different kind of law firm. We listen--we answer your calls, return your emails, and we work to build strong relationships with our clients--we view that as a privilege.


We will learn and understand your business or personal situation. Our philosophy is that we can best provide advice and meaningful guidance when your best interests are known. That means suggesting the most cost-effective and efficient means in designing a strategy that will provide the best chance at success.


And it means we fight for you-using our collective experience, every tool at our disposal, and every ounce of our energy.


Our attorneys and professional staff work in concert with our clients--they possess the legal mind and abilities to pare a complex problem down to its essence, a voluminous knowledge of law and statutes, and the ability to view issues from all angles.


When you choose Underberg & Kessler to represent you or your business interests, you get the individual experience and knowledge of each outstanding attorney along with the combined experience and knowledge of a team.


As a team, we magnify our ability to fully serve your needs and skillfully direct you toward reduced risk and increased growth and prosperity-now and in the future.


Advocates for your interests, supporters of your business, and our most important partner-you.


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