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Bold New Solutions For A Brave New World.

What do you do when you have a legal problem in an area of law so evolving, it is almost without precedent? You call the attorneys in our Intellectual Property Group. The field is still in its infancy, but the legal challenges surrounding computer and Internet usage, intellectual property and information technology, privacy, patents and illegal downloading are here to stay. Resolving legal challenges in this rapidly evolving technological landscape requires multidisciplinary experience. Our intellectual property lawyers are trained in traditional legal fields such as corporate law, intellectual property and litigation. We then apply this experience to the new legal disciplines of e-commerce, information technology and the life sciences, including biotechnology and bioinformatics. Besides resolving legal issues, we help businesses with the strategic development, cultivation and policing of intellectual property, so that they can bolster the value of their assets and achieve real dollar savings.

​Our Intellectual Property Practice Group's areas of experience include:

  • Strategic alliance structures

  • Venture capital financing

  • Trademark law

  • Copyright protection

  • Domain name disputes

  • Internet rights

  • Litigation

  • Alternative dispute resolution

  • Trade secrets, non-competition and non-disclosure agreements

  • Licensing agreements

  • Employment issues

  • Intellectual property transfers

  • Internet and e-commerce issues

For more information about intellectual property law, contact Steve Gersz, chair of the practice group.

For more information about intellectual property law, contact Steve Gersz, chair of the practice group.



We negotiate, structure and draft alliance structures, from simple to complex, on behalf of clients, some of which include a strategic investment component. Using the tool of a well-structured strategic alliance, our clients are able to accelerate their marketing, supply, and research and development efforts.


We represent angels, institutional venture capitalists, and both start-up and later-stage companies in structuring and documenting investments. This representation requires that we draw on our broad range of legal experience and knowledge, including corporate structure and finance, tax, ERISA and securities. We also utilize our contacts with local and regional venture capital firms to assist our clients in finding capital.


Whether it be in traditional or new media, from the earliest stages of development to branding, litigation and licensing, our attorneys are well-versed in the strategies and tactics necessary to create and protect this valuable asset. Trademark law is an ever-expanding and changing field with new pitfalls and opportunities opening up every day, and our attorneys have the experience to assist you in creating, maintaining and policing your marks.


Copyright protection isn’t just for music and books anymore. With today’s technology, copyright protection extends to software code, Internet content and database formation. Our attorneys have dealt with a variety of technologies and creative works that manifest copyright issues.


As new fields of science are formed by combining traditional hard sciences, such as biology and chemistry with computer science, new opportunities are also created. Our attorneys are well-equipped to counsel you on how best to secure your rights in these new arenas, as well as how to maximize your profits when it comes to licensing or assigning these rights.


As the Internet frenzy calms and new regulations and practices develop in what was once uncharted waters, our attorneys are on the forefront of making sense of this new medium. In line with our trademark expertise, our attorneys are well-equipped to preserve our clients’ rights on the Internet.


Whether it is any of the intellectual property disciplines, technology-based agreements or related contracts, our attorneys have litigated these issues on numerous occasions, and can help you either defend or effectively police your rights. Our attorneys are experienced in handling matters before a variety of courts and venues, including mediations and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings on such topics as patents, trademarks, trade secrets, domain name disputes, service agreements, licensing agreements and employment issues particular to technologically enabled companies.


For many companies today, the licensing of intellectual property is a key component of business development and the growth of revenue. Our attorneys are experienced in drafting and negotiating licensing arrangements that effectively capture our clients' business needs.


As part of our partnership, we keep up on the latest legal issues and their impact on your industry. The articles and thought leadership here make it easy for you to do the same.


Steven R. Gersz

Steven R. Gersz

Rochester, NY

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