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Taxation With Skilled Representation.

Back when the federal income tax code was one-eighth its current size, Albert Einstein said that personal taxation was the most confusing force in the universe. Business taxation is even more inscrutable. That’s why a good tax lawyer is a great business investment. Our tax attorneys will save you from the mistakes and misinterpretations that can cost your business time and money. Having both tax and business expertise, we will scrutinize your every transaction and proactively plan to minimize its tax consequences. We will be meticulous in our review of your transactions and operations to ensure that taxes don’t impede your business. And should you need representation in a tax audit, we’ll be in your corner there, too.

Underberg & Kessler represents a wide range of companies and high-net-worth individuals in both tax planning and tax audit work. Our Tax Practice Group has experience in all types of corporate reorganizations and transactional tax planning.

​Our services include:

  • Individual and business transactions

  • C Corp and S Corp taxation

  • Taxation of partnerships and LLCs

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Divisions and recapitalizations

  • Qualified compensation plans: pension and profit-sharing plans, 401(k) plans, simple 401(k)s, uni-ks and cafeteria plans

  • Non-qualified compensation plans: salary continuation, deferred compensation, split dollar insurance, incentive stock options and stock appreciation rights

  • Qualification and governance of tax exempt organizations

  • Civil and criminal controversy

  • Tax credit planning

  • State matters, including sales tax, Brownfields development credit and real property

For more information about tax law, contact Josh Beisker, chair of the practice group.

For more information about tax law, contact Josh Beisker, chair of the practice group.


  • Represented a professional entity participating in a seven party roll up transaction and provided tax advice relative to tax deferred treatment for the shareholders of our client in a transaction structured to include both merger and Section 351 tax components.

  • Represented the target in a reverse triangular merger transaction with a publicly traded company to structure tax deferred treatment for the shareholders in this stock for stock transaction.

  • Provided tax planning to numerous purchasers and sellers in merger and acquisition transactions, collaborating with the client’s accountant to achieve the most advantageous tax treatment for the transaction.

  • Represented a qualified Subchapter S group in a tax-free spinoff transaction that separated one corporation from the group followed by a separation of ownership of the former subsidiary from the Q sub group ownership.


Joshua B. Beisker

Joshua B. Beisker

Rochester, NY

Steven R. Gersz

Steven R. Gersz

Rochester, NY

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