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New York State Grants Three-Month Extension to Nurses Subject to the COVID Vaccine Booster Deadline

New York State has delayed the deadline for at least three (3) months after facing heavy lobbying from health care facilities (nursing homes, hospitals, adult care facilities/assisted living, hospices, and home care) to abide by the February 21, 2022 deadline for nurses at those facilities to get the COVID vaccine booster shot. The State found that the concerns of staffing shortages the booster deadline would create outweighed its desire to get all nurses boosted—likely somewhat encouraged by the improving COVID numbers. During the three (3) month extension, the State will continue to encourage the estimated 25% of nurses in those facilities who are not boosted to do so. Private practice nurses and those working outside of the facilities listed above were not subject to the booster deadline, but their employers may opt to require it.

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