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New Salary Levels for Federal Overtime Exemption Announced

The federal government has announced the new salary requirements for employees to be exempt from overtime pay under federal law.  The new salary threshold is $35,568 annually or $684 weekly.

Currently, an employee must make at least $23,660 a year to be a salaried exempt employee under federal law. That salary level was set by the government in 2004.  The Obama Administration tried to increase the salary threshold to about $47,000.00, but the increase was halted before it took effect.  It was widely expected that the proposed increase would be much lower under the Trump Administration. 

Remember that New York State’s salary threshold for an employee to be considered exempt is higher than federal requirements – the threshold is currently $832.00 weekly ($43,264.00 annually) in Monroe County and surrounding counties.  That will increase to $885 weekly ($46,020.00 annually) on December 31, 2019.  New York employers must always follow the law that is most beneficial to their employees. 

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