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Reverse Sexual Harassment

Please see this case study from 2014 which demonstrates the need to thoroughly investigate all claims of sexual harassment in the workplace, as it is impossible to know the limits of human misconduct without investigation.

In the case, senior management and the human resources group were presented with a sexual harassment complaint from a female vendor ‎regarding a male employee.  The male employee denied the allegations, and in an unusual twist, made his own allegations of gender discrimination and sexual harassment against his female boss. The company gave short shrift to the male employee's denial and his claim, and fired him.

The male employee sued and his attorney conducted his own investigation of all of the allegations.  Ultimately, evidence was uncovered that the jury found established that the male employee's boss had convinced the vendor to falsely claim she was harassed by the male employee as part of a pattern of gender discrimination and sexual harassment against the male employee by his female boss.  The jury then awarded the male employee a multi-million dollar verdict against the company.

It is imperative that a thorough investigation be conducted by an experienced professional when any discrimination or harassment is alleged.

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