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Modification and Enforcement of Prior Orders

Ensure your rights are being upheld so your children can thrive.

Modifications of Prior Orders

You may request a modification of child support based on a circumstantial change. Changes may include job loss, pay increase or pay cut, etc.

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Enforcement of Prior Orders

Enforcement applications are also known as “violations.” When one party is not following the terms of a court order, either willfully or non-willfully, it could be considered a violation or contempt of court. Parties can file an application with the Court to find the other party in violation of the order and request relief and sanctions from the other party. Examples would be not sending a child for visitation, not returning a child on time for visitation, or not paying child support or child support add-ons.

Please contact Leah or Jennifer to set up a one-hour consultation to discuss your case. An analysis of the assets and debts will be performed and you will be advised on how the law would apply to the facts of your case. Knowledge is very important so that you, as the client, know your rights.

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Our Family Law Attorneys

Leah Taranrino Cintineo

Leah focuses her practice on divorce and family law. Serving clients in multiple local counties, her insightful interpersonal skills and ability to strongly negotiate has made a positive impact on the lives of many families. Leah practices in both Supreme and Family Courts throughout the Seventh Judicial District.   Learn more about Leah

Jennifer A. Shoemaker

Jennifer represents clients across the spectrum of family law issues, including divorce, custody, support actions, the negotiation of separation agreements and prenuptial agreements. Jennifer is certified as a collaborative divorce attorney and is a member of Collaborative law Association of the Rochester Area (C.L.A.R.A.).  Learn more about Jennifer


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