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Elder law attorneys take the estate planning process a step further by considering an individual’s substantial life events, such as nursing home care, guardianships issues and special needs planning, analyzes how such events could cause an individual’s assets to be exposed, and develops strategies as to how to best protect said assets from exposure. At Underberg & Kessler, we take pride in helping our clients prepare for their substantial life events during the estate planning process. We have a team of attorneys who are experienced in elder care planning. Our elder care lawyers stand ready to assist, guide and navigate you through the process, designing plans to protect and preserve your assets during your lifetime so that they can be passed on to your loved ones at death.

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Advanced Directives For Care

Did you know that you can set up directions for how you should be cared for should you later become incapacitatted? Hard as it may be to think about, advanced directives that provide instruction on how you should be cared for in the future should be set up by all adults. You can have peace of mind for your future, and make things easier for your family should the need for the advanced directives to be executed arise.

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Power of Attorney

In addition to establishing advanced directives, designating a power of attorney is an important tool used in pursuing your financial planning objectives. The person you choose as your power of attorney will be able to make decisions regarding your finances. There are three types of powers of attorney:

Durable Power of Attorney

May be used upon invoking, and is used until you revoke it.

Nondurable Power of Attorney

This is only used for individual transactions

Springing Power of Attorney

This type is enacted when you are deemed no longer competent enough to handle your own affairs.

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Elder Care Planning Experience

Our Experience in Western, NY and Beyond

Our attorneys are committed to providing a variety of strategies for clients facing the staggering cost associated with long-term-care that could potentially wipe out a large portion of their savings. Even after our clients have entered long term care facilities, there may still be planning options, including:

•Preserving a large amount  of a single person’s assets upon entering a nursing home

•Preserving approximately all of a married individual’s assets upon entering a nursing home

•Transferring assets to circumvent the 5-year look-back period for chronic Medicaid

•Obtaining Medicaid benefits to pay for services to allow clients to remain safely in their home


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Joshua B. Beisker

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